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Leaking Shower Repairs in Sydney

Leaking showersIf you suspect that your shower pan or drain is leaking, you're probably right - and it's a good idea to have it inspected. It's one case where it tends to be true that "where there is smoke, there is fire." Leaks in showers tend to remain unnoticed for a long time and eventually they can cause structural damage surrounding the shower. Several signs will indicate that your shower is leaking, including:

  • Areas of discolouration near the shower door’s base
  • Wall tiles and grout lines that are loose or broken. This results in water leaking behind the shower’s walls and beneath the shower floor. Ultimately there will be huge water damage to the floors of bathrooms. This results in bumps on the wall’s tiles.
  • Gaps in the caulking or gout in the shower. However, sometimes there are huge gaps near the shower floor and at the corner of the shower walls.
  • Clogged shower drain system. The shower drain system should allow water to escape the weep holes within the draining system of the region. Often, the weep holes are clogged up, resulting in a need for repairs.

When moisture begins to penetrate through the shower walls, the area will begin to attract mould, mildew, rust and sometimes even insects (ants). The results can be messy. Damage can involve tiles, floors, walls, and concrete slabs. This can result in expensive and unwanted repair bills. In fact, certain avoidable repairs involving the walls and floors can involve major structural (meaning very expensive) work. It's one of the reasons that leaking showers are one of the common things that building inspectors look for when preparing inspection reports on homes for sale.

The solution is to catch the problem as early as you can. Our experienced plumbers can help to locate the source of the leak, and then repair the source of the leak.

When repairing the leak’s source, it is extremely important that the job is done properly. If it’s not, then your leak will probably re-appear, and the problems continue.

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